Halkidiki Green Olives

Halkidiki green olives grow almost exclusively in the area of ​​Halkidiki. They are also known as “gaidourelia” (donkey olive) due to the relatively large size of the fruit. This variety produces cylinder-cone shaped fruit bearing nipple. The weight of the olive is between 4 to 14gr, most commonly though from 6 to 10gr. The relationship between flesh & core is 9: 1.
The colour of the skin of the fruit changes gradually along with the progress of maturation from bright green to green-yellow, straw yellow, rosy and finally faded red-black, but never black.
The Green Olives of Halkidiki (Prasines Elies Chalkidikis) are characterized by a delicate fruity flavour, slightly bitter- spicy taste and absence of greasiness, due to centuries of adaptation of the olive trees in the particular soil and climatic conditions of the region, and the cultivation techniques applied by the farmers.
These olive trees grow in all soils even in barren-rocky ones. They are more productive though in fertile soils that retain sufficient moisture and suffer severe in heavy soils which hold plenty of water. The olive trees prefer soil with neutral or slightly alkaline reaction (pH 7-8), but can also bear slightly acidic soils.