The management of Ladas S.A. is committed to provide all means for the successful implementation of these systems, so that the quality & safety policy becomes action. The company redefines constantly its goals and objectives, while ensuring alignment with its corporate activities and policies

The company has the following certificates:

  • IFS Standard, from TUV NORD CERT GmbH
  • BRC Standard, from TUV NORD CERT GmbH
  • ISO 22000 for the management of food safety, from TUV NORD CERT GmbH
  • ISO 9001 from TUV NORD CERT GmbH
  • Product certificate PDO with the registered indication
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Oriented to produce high quality and safety products, LADAS I. DIMITRIOS S.A. is certified and applies strict standards for quality & food safety management (domestic & international). In regards to these systems, the company is planning yearly series of objectives, in order to ensure both the quality as well as the safety of products. To achieve this basic objective Ladas S.A. implements a particular policy which is summarized in the following:

  1.  To achieve and maintain the quality of its products at the level that promised to customers, using the best available technology and expertise.
  2.  To comply with the requirements of installed security management & food quality systems (ISO 22000/2005, ISO 9001/2008, BRC, IFS, HALAL) for the purpose of the continuous improvement of the company through the effective utilization of human and material resources.
  3.  To implement a permanent procedure (HACCP) within the framework of a food safety management system by which ensuring a high level of hygiene and safety of the products it distributes.
  4.  To procure, store and distribute its products in accordance with the rules laid down by the legislation in force (178/2002/EC, 852/2004/EC, 1169/2011/EC), while paying special emphasis on the appropriateness of products, both for all customers as well as for vulnerable population groups (children, elderly, people with allergic predisposition).
  5.  All staff is aware of the above mentioned policies and implements what is required by the Quality Assurance & Food Safety Systems.