Amfissis Olives

The olives from Amfissa are amongst the most widespread table olives in Greece. They look like the Spanish variety Manzanilla. Amfissis olives are cultivated almost exclusively in central Greece but they can be found in other areas as well. The fruit is of medium size to large, with 2-3cm length and 2-2.5cm width. Its core is small, taking 10-13% of the whole fruit volume. The shape of the olive is round to oval and the flesh is solid but relatively deficient in fat and fermentable ingredients.
The olive skin is thin and flexible and it gradually changes colour from green to rose, violet red, purple and finally black in ripening. It ripens from mid November to end December. When the fruit is intend for the production of green Spanish-type olives, the collection takes place two months earlier.
In regard to the cultivation, the tree grows at an altitude up to 600 meters. It is relatively resistant to cold, cancer, leaf spot and its weak point is the sensitivity to Verticillium. The Amfissis olive tree is considered as highly productive and does not need much watering.